The Peer’s lab works at the interface of materials science, chemistry, molecular biology, and immunology, to discover and validate novel therapeutic targets at the molecular level, and to develop specific genetic medicines for therapeutics and disease management. 

The lab is highly dynamic, multidisciplinary, and focuses on developing targeted vehicles for cell-specific delivery of novel molecular medicines using RNAi , mRNA, saRNA, cirRNA, DNA, and novel genome editing strategies. The lab goal is to translate academic discoveries into innovative therapeutic modalities. With that in mind, Prof. Peer also founded SPARK Tel Aviv to accelerate cures via academic discoveries. Prof. Peer strives to develop the career of young students and encourage them to fulfill their ambitions and dreams.

Active Research

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About The Lab

The Peer lab is designing novel methodologies to manipulate cells’ function in vivo, using targeted, safe, lipid nanoparticles. They are utilizing nanotechnology tools to generate novel therapeutic strategies for inflammatory diseases and cancers. The lab is combining multidisciplinary approaches including immunology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, protein engineering, material sciences, nanotechnology and computational techniques for drug discovery. In addition, they are designing highly selective targeted nanocarriers able to reprogram cells in a discerning manner, with an ultimate goal to translate the findings into clinical settings.


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